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All-Nation Model Trains

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All-Nation 'O' scale 4-4-2 Atlantic and tender for 2-rail In the 1950's, 60's and 70's All-Nation manufactured or supplied kits and parts to a large segment of the 'O' Scale model railroading hobby. Over time, All-Nation added to its line by acquiring inventories, parts, tooling and dies of several other prominent 'O' scale 2-rail model manufacturers and suppliers that went bankrupt. All-Nation Manufacturing was owned by Jim Wilson from 1950 until 1959, with production based at All-Nation Model & Coin Shop originally located at 182 North Lasalle St. in Chicago, IL. The hobby shop itself dated back to the 1920's and was once one of the country's finest hobby shops with an extensive line of model railroads in all gauges, as well as model ships and model airplanes.

In the early 1950's, under Jim Wilson, All-Nation acquired General Models Corp., Atwater models and Scale Model Railways to add to their manufacturing Line. General Models Corp. had developed an EMD switcher at the time and Atwater, which had earlier been acquired by General Models had developed an F style diesel. All-Nation also offered steam engine kits in the form of a ten wheeler Atlantic whose heritage can be traced to prewar Varney offerings and a 4-8-2 Mountain. The Atwater/General Models diesels that ended up carrying the All-Nation name were not All-Nation's creations. All-Nation bought the bankrupt General Models Corp. (GMC) in the early 1950's. Atwater Models came with that acquisition, having been a part of GMC, and parts from Scale Model Railways, previously owned and operated by Bill Lenoir and Jack Ferris also became part of All-Nation. The 4-6-0 was orignally maketed by Varney about 1946/47, then sold to GMC Models who added other wheel arrangements. All-Nation picked up this tooling at the General Models Corp. bankruptcy sale about 1950.

All-Nation 'O' scale Kit-built 2-rail C&NW Bay-Window Caboose All-Nation 'O' scale 2-rail 40' Steel Box Car Kit-built into Monon The Hoosier Line All-Nation 'O' scale 2-rail 40' Steel Box Car Kit-built into Chicago & Northwestern PS-1 All-Nation 'O' scale 2-rail 40' Steel Box Car Kit-built into Green Bay and Western PS-1 All-Nation 'O' scale 2-rail 40' Steel Box Car Kit-built Pennsylvania RR Box Car #24063 PS-1

All-Nation 'O' scale F-3 Kit Built Diesel Streamliner A and B units for 2-rail Atwater was the company that produced the dies in the late 1940's for the F units that became part of the All-Nation Line via the General Models acquisition. These diesels were well ahead of their time and many 'O' Scale modelers still run them on their model railroads today. Atwater Models developed the F-3 tooling and released the product in 1947. The F-3 loco bodies were made using pressure die-cast zinc alloy that included lots of detail. It came in 5 tongue-and-groove pieces. Literature proclaimed that the kit could be assembled with just a screw driver, as all holes were pre-drilled. The engines featured operating headlights, Mars light, number boards, and marker lights. Die-cast trucks with self-aligning replaceable bronze axle bearings in the truck journals were also featured. The engines included a Miller Laboratories permanent magnet motor for 2 rail DC operation, with the ability to utilize a rectifier for AC operation, and a wire addition to facilitate 3 rail operation. They used a hand reverse. The original Atwater-developed under-floor power trucks did not function consistently. General Models had been buying up other 'O' scale lines in the period 1946 to 1949 and subsequently acquired the Atwater tooling. General Models Corp. developed a more efficient power truck for the F-3. This product was later marketed for many years by All-Nation with the addition of a constant torque transmission. It was offered as a #1000 unpowered A unit for $39.95, a #1015 single motored A unit for $60.45, a #1001 unpowered B unit for $35.50, a #1017 single motored B unit for $56.50, and a #1919 double motored B unit for $67.50. 100's of the F-3's with 'Atwater' engraved in the dies were sold by General Models before they altered the dies to reflect their ownership. GMC later created the F-7 variation before going bankrupt in late 1950. All-Nation offered the F-7 as either powered or dummy unpowered A or B units - $44.95 for a #8000 dummy A unit, $65.50 for a #8015 powered A unit, $41.45 for a #8001 dummy B unit, $61.50 for a #8017 single motored B unit and $73.50 for a #8019 dual motored B unit. All-Nation 'O' scale EMD 1,000 HP Diesel Yard Switcher for 2-rail A units could not be dual motored as the nose compartment housed the headlight and there was not enough room for a second motor. All-Nation made improvements to the original design by implementing a wheel equalization system that distributed the loco's weight across all trucks over an uneven track all wheels would remain in full contact with the rails. Truck assembly was now performed using clips so nuts and bolts were eliminated.

General Models Corp. had introduced their 'O' scale EMD 1,000 horsepower diesel yard switcher engine in 1948 and produced it until Dec. 11, 1950 when the company went into bankruptcy and All-Nation Hobby Shop of Chicago purchased their assets. All-Nation manufactured their 4-6-0, 4-6-2, 4-8-2, and 4-4-2 All-Nation 'O' scale EMD 1,000 HP Kit Built Diesel Yard Switcher for 2-rail steamers into the late 1960's, and they also continued to make the popular F-3's, F-7's, along with the EMD switcher as well. The diesel engine was produced until 1982 by All-Nation when the shop was finally closed. Thomas Industries made a pickup slide for the 'O' gauge 1000 HP EMD diesel switcher manufactured by General Models Corp. The switcher did not bear any General Models Corp. markings, but the Thomas Industries name was embossed on the slide, which has confused collectors as to who made this diesel locomotive. It is believed however that the Thomas pickup slide appears only on models made by General Models Corp. from 1948 to 1950. The switcher was 11⅛" long, 3⅝" high and 2 9/16" wide. It weighed 4½ lbs. It was offered with either 4 or 8 wheel powered drive. The superstructure, truck side frames and accessory detail were all die-cast in Zamac #3. It featured a turned brass bell, plastic headlight lenses, turned handrail stanchions, preformed grab irons, handrails, stacks, horn, front and rear bulkheads and pilots. Kit versions were offered for 2-rail ($32) or 3-rail ($41). A custom assembled ready-to-run version cost $80, and a dummy unpowered unit was $10.95.

All Nation 'O' scale 2-rail Kit-built CNW Chicago & Northwestern Diner Car

The 'old faithful' of the All-Nation line was the 4-6-0 (ten wheeler) loco. The kit was offered in many different configurations, including as complete with mechanism, boiler, cab and tender, or in separate sections, in AC or DC, for 2-rail or 3-rail operation. The running locomotive required a minimum 32" track radius. It was 11⅙" long, 3⅞" high, 2 11/16" wide and weighed 5˝ lbs. The complete 2-rail kit was $56.25, while the 3-rail kit sold for $60.50. The 4-6-2 Pacific by All-Nation was also offered in 2-rail or 3-rail, for AC or DC operation, and in either complete kit, as a separate mechanism, or boiler & cab assembly only, or tender only. It required minimum radius curves of 36", weighed 6˝ lbs., was 12¾" long, almost 4" high, and 2 11/16" wide. Drawbar pull was 20.8 ounces. The complete 2-rail kit was $69.50 while the 3-rail kit was $73.75.

All-Nation 'O' scale F-7 Diesel for 2-rail in Great Northern livery with CLW power chassis In 1959 Jim Wilson retired, selling the hobby side of the business to an employee named Bob Colson. Initially Colson intended only to sell off the remaining stock but hobby shop owners around the country convinced Colson to restart manufacturing of the line which included the F units, diesel switcher, Varney derived steamers and many freight car kits. Colson produced the line through the early 1970's with many additions and improvements including newer motors, a more powerful transmission unit, and a new ball joint coupling. Bob Colson, along with his wife Marsha and their sons Terrell and Bob Jr. ran the business until 1972. The hobby shop was relocated in 1961 to 220 West Madison Street in Chicago. The manufacturing side of the business was formally separated from the hobby shop in 1966, and a new facility for manufacturing was set up at 23 West 54th Street in Wheaton, Il. The company's motto was, "Where you find the very best..."

During the 1960's Bob Colson’s All-Nation took over production of Model Structures’ extensive bridge, trestle, and tunnel portal line. This was an extensive library of plans and kits for all gauges. It included timber trestles for straights and curves, deck spans, riveted spans, Howe Truss Timber spans, single and double track through spans, and plate girder spans all modeled from various prototype rail roads that provided the data and drawings. Also during the 1960's All-Nation issued their Budd Rail Diesel (RDC) cars for 'O' scale. This kit came as an upainted powered unit for $24.95 or as an unpainted dummy unit for $6.50. 4-wheel RDC trucks were sold separately for $3.25. This was the first RDC car made for scale model operations in kit form, although it was really a 'shorty', not true scale in length. The body was made of polystyrine and the underbody detail was plastic. It was 14" long and could navigate 15" radius curves. It included all finished parts, die cast side frames and passenger silhouettes.

All-Nation 'O' scale 4-8-2 Mountain in Southern Green with Lobaugh drivers and tender The All-Nation 2-rail 'O' gague 4-8-2 Mountain locomotive was 26½" long (as long as 3 box cars), 2¾" wide, and 4⅛" high. It weighed 8½ pounds without the tender and had drawbar pull of 27.2 ounces, at average speed of 75 MPH (12 volts). It could navigate 48" radius curves with ease. It featured sprung pilot truck, sprung drivers, working headlight, a Pittman Permag DC motor, 70" drivers, and a Pearce Tool lost wax gear box with ball bearings on the worm shaft. Superstructure details included a die-cast cross compound compressor, headlight with lucite lens, smoke deflector, window sills, bell, whistle, pop valve, generator, marker lights, air tank, Elesco Feed Water Heater, hot water pump, cold water pump, injector, power reverse, smoke box front, and firebox backhead. The complete kit #17 sold for $99.50 ($80 without the tender). It required the modeler to do the filing, drilling, tapping, soldering and riveting. It was made up of bronze boiler castings. The tender kit #20 was the long distance type and sold for $22.45. It was 11¼" long and 3¾" high, and cast in bronze in separate pieces for the sides, back, front, top and underframe. The tender truck side frames were the buckeye 6-wheel type, also cast in bronze. For those who did not want to assemble the loco themselves, a custom assembled version was available from All-Nation for $240. It came built-up, spray painted, and ready to run with all details included in the kit. Any road name lettering or numbering could be specified.

The 10th edition of All-Nation's 'O' gauge catalog was issued in 1965 and was packed with every possible locomotive, piece of rolling stock, scenery, scratch-building tools and parts, tools and books. It showed not only the All-Nation line but also trains and parts from Wagner, Holgate & Reynolds, Tenshodo, La Belle Woodworking, GarGraves, Tru-Scale, Suydam, Lobaugh, Central Locomotive Works, and Kemtron. The catalog was 104 pages. The All-Nation Hobby Shop also carried products from Boxcar Ken, Roundhouse Products, Pittman, Plasticville, Max Gray, Morris, Ken Kidder Traction Models, Walthers, Pacific Fast Mail, Model Rectifier, Permacraft, Unimat, Cliff Line, Champ Decals, Miller-Atlas, Star Models, Northeastern Scale Models, Crag Distributors, Moody and many others. In 1956 and again in 1962, the All-Nation Line was recognized by the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) Inc. for its consistent adherence to the standards established by that organization. Bob Colson was inducted into the 'O' Scale Hall of Fame in 2001.

All-Nation 'O' scale 40' Steel Box Cars Kit Built into Port Huron & Detroit, New York Central, Roberval Saguenay and Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Livries

All-Nation 40' Steel box cars came in kits of super-detailed, formed, stamped and embossed metal sides, ends and roof, showing rivet details. The roof, floor and underpieces were milled basswood. Included were stamped metal ladders, cross braces, stamped roof end platforms, formed roof ribs, formed channel underframe, stamped metal dreadnaught car ends, formed grab irons, hand holds, a pressure molded plastic AB brake set, formed metal door slides, stamped Ajax brake wheel and housing, die-cast coupler pockets, placard boards, machined bolster mounting block, stamped brake platform, and a stamped roof walk support. Kits did not include trucks or paints and sold for $5.95. Four kinds of trucks were offered separately. These were either Bettendorf or Andrews in scale or tinplate, for $1.45 each.

All-Nation 'O' scale 4-8-4 Northern built from the 4-8-2 Mountain kit The 1965 catalog also announced the new low priced American Standard 4-4-0 loco kit #21 in 'O' scale for 2-rail. It came in a complete kit with tender, cast bronze boiler with cast-in boiler bands, stamped brass cab, and a DC motor. The motor was mounted in the tender and was connected to the loco via a flexible drive shaft linked to an enclosed gear box. By slight modification the loco could be made into several different types of 4-4-0's by modelers. The kit included drawings for 3 different types of 4-4-0 configurations. A detailed backhead and a weight to increase tractive effort were also included. Literature stated that the loco could pull about 15 cars, and could navigate minimum 24" radius track. The kit was priced at $47.50. Factory assembled, ready-to-run versions were also offered as well as a kit without motor and gearing for modelers who wanted to install their own powertrain.

All-Nation did offer 'O' scale passenger cars that they acquired from the purchase of the JC Passenger Car line. The six cars could be acquired as kits without trucks and paint or as fully built up ready-to-run. The cars were a #5000 65' steel heavyweight baggage coach combine for $8.95, a #5005 62' coach for $8.95, a #5010 60' baggage mail car for $8.95, a #5015 60' baggage car for $8.95, a #5020 70' coach for $8.95, and a #5025 80' dining car for $8.95. These cars were made of .010 inch thick sheet metal sides and ends with embossed window sashes, rivets, belt rail and recessed doors. The roof and floor of each car, as well as detail such as battery boxes, air reservoirs, cross and main beams, and tool boxes were milled from clear wood. The roofs featured clesrestory windows. Nylon couplers were included in each kit. Power trucks could be mounted on the cars for creation of a suburban type train. In later years, All-Nation re-issued Walthers 'O' scale pullman standard heavyweight passenger car 80' kits.

All-Nation 'O' scale 2-rail F-7A & B Kit-built Diesel Streamliner detailed for the Western Maryland RR In 1972 Bill Pope Sr. purchased All-Nation Line Manufacturing Company, maker of 'O' gauge Scale Model Trains. Mr. Pope is also a member of the "O Scale Hall of Fame" having been inducted in 2004. Bill Pope continued to run the line until his death, but not before he had sold off the steam line of kits in 1990. Afterward, it is believed that the remaining tooling for the diesels and freight kits sat unused for many years in Bill Pope's son's barn.

The All-Nation line consisted of the following 'O' scale kits.
All-Nation 'O' scale AT&SF 2-6-2 Prairie Loco & Tender for 2-rail #1 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler loco & tender, #7 4-4-2 Atlantic locomotive & tender, #13 4-6-2 Pacific loco & Tender, #17 4-8-2 Mountain Loco & Tender, #21 American Standard 4-4-0 locomotive & tender, #3652 Gas Electric Doodlebug, #41 Diesel Switcher, #11001 2-6-2 Prairie locomotive & tender, #1015 F-3 Diesel Loco
Wood Reefers:
#3500 Undecorated Wood Reefer Kit, #3560 Pacific Fruit Express 40' Wood Reefer, #3561 Western Fruit Express 40' Wood Reefer, #3563 Dry Ice Wood Reefer, #3564 Rath's Blackhawk Ham 40' Wood Reefer, #3565 Morrell's Pride 40' Wood Reefer, #3566 Fruit Growers Express 40' Wood Reefer, #3567 Burlington 40' Wood Reefer, #3568 Santa Fe El Capitan 40' Wood Reefer, #3569 Green Bay & Western Line 40' Wood Reefer, #3570 Canadian National 40' Wood Reefer, #3571 Armour 40' Wood Reefer, #3572 Oscar Mayer URTX 40' Wood Reefer, #3580 Ralston-Purina 36' Wood Reefer, #3582 Swift 36' Wood Reefer, #3584 Schlitz 36' Wood Reefer, #7370 SLRX 40' Wood Reefer, #7380 Chicago & Northwestern 40' Wood Reefer
Miscellaneous Freight:
#3611 Drop Center Flat Car, #3612 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Wood Caboose, #3620 Chesapeake & Ohio Steel Caboose, #3950 Watermelon Car (ventilated box car), #7000 Chesapeake & Ohio Die-Cast Metal Hopper Car
Steel Box Cars:
All-Nation 'O' scale 4-6-2 Pacific Loco & tender in Southern Pacific Livery #3639 West Indies Fruit 40' Steel box car, #3643 Frisco 40' Steel box car, #3645 Great Northern 40' Steel Tuscan box car, #3646 Northern Pacific 40' Green Steel box car, #3648 Maine Central 40' Steel box car, #3649 Pennsylvania RR 40' Steel box car, #3650 Rutland 40' Steel box car, #3653 Southern Pacific 40' Steel box car, #3654 Cotton Belt 40' box car, #3655 Western Maryland 40' Steel box car, #3656 Boston & Maine 40' Steel box car, #3657 State Of Maine 40' Steel box car, #3658 Baltimore & Ohio Box Car 40' Steel box car, #3659 Reading 40' Steel box car, #3660 Elgin, Joliet & Eastern RY 40' Steel box car, #3661 Rio Grande 40' Steel box car, #3666 New York Central 40' Steel box car, #3667 Northern Pacific 40' Steel Box Car, #3668 Union Pacific 40' Steel Box Car, #3672 Illinois Central 40' Steel Box Car (Tuscan Red), #3673 C & NW 40' Steel Box car (Tuscan), #6201 Erie-Lackawanna 40' Steel box car, #6202 Bessemer & Lake Erie 40' Steel box car, #6203 Santa Fe 40' Steel box car (Tuscan), #6600 Chesapeake & Ohio 40' Box Car, #6601 Southern Box Car, #6602 Norfolk & Western Box Car, #6603 Canadian National 40' Steel Box car, #6604 L&N 40' Steel Box Car, #6606 Great Northern 40' Steel box car, #6607 Union Pacific 40' Steel Box Car (red), #6608 Akron, Canton & Youngstown (ACY) 40' Steel box car, #6609 Nickel Plate 40' 2 Rail Box Car, #6613 Lackawanna 2 Rail Box Car, #6614 MOPAC 40' Steel box car, #6618 Illinois Central 2 Rail box Car, #6619 Penn. Central 40' Steel Box Car, #6622 Wabash 40' Steel Box Car, #6623 D&RGW 40' Rio Grande Cookie Box Car, #6624 Norfolk & Western 40' Box Car, #7400 Northern Pacific 40' 2 Rail Box Car, #8746 GM&O 40' Steel box car

All-Nation Central of Vermont 50' 2-Door Outside Braced Box Car All-Nation Kit #6504 'O' scale Boston & Maine 50' Outside Braced Boxcar All-Nation Line 'O' scale 2-rail Die-cast Kit-built Caboose

Wood Sheathed Box Cars:
#3701 Great Northern 40' Wood Sheathed box car, #7420 Great Northern 40' Wood Sheathed 2 Rail Box Car
Passenger Cars:
#5000 65' Combine car, #5005 62' Coach, #5010 60' baggage mail car, #5015 60' Baggage car, #5020 70' Passenger coach, #5025 80' Dining car, #9102 Pullman Standard Heavyweight 80' 12-1 Sleeper Kit (reissue of Walthers Kit) #9177 70' Coach/Sleeper with Monitor Roof.
Outside Braced Box Cars:
#6500 Unpainted Outside Braced Box Car, #6504 Boston & Maine Outside Braced box car
Auto Cars:
#3675 Unmarked Steel Auto Car, #7470 Santa Fe 40' Sectional Panel Sheathed Auto Car, #7480 Denver & Rio grande Western Double Sheathed 40' Auto Car, #7510 D&RGW 50' Double Wood Sheathed Auto Car
A.A.R. Stock Cars:
#7300 40' Wood Stock Car

The steam line of kits was initially acquired by George Sennhauser of Babbitt, MN who created the Babbit Railway Models name and reintroduced the line. Sennhauser continued to refine the products greatly. In 1993 the company was sold again, this time to Boyce Yates in Kentucky who renamed the line Babbitt Loco works. Yates continued the line under the Babbitt name for several years. Babbitt Railway All-Nation Babbit 4-8-2 'O' scale Mountain Loco and Scratchbuilt tender Supply Company was located at 715 Barger St in Mayfield KY. The line consisted of the 4-6-0, 4-4-0, 4-6-2, 4-4-2, 2-6-0, and 4-8-2, all using 70” drivers, cast bronze boilers, NWSL gearing, three different cast aluminum or sheet brass tenders, and brass and white metal details. Babbit Models was the last supplier of these 6 former All-Nation Steam loco kits and detail parts through the late 90's. Many 2 rail O Scalers considered these loco kits as top of the line.

As of June 2010 Bill Wade of Bill's Train Shop (BTS) in West Virginia owned the All-Nation/Babbitt line of locomotives and parts supplies. Plans were being developed to reintroduce the line with new castings (likely urethane resin). Original un-built All-Nation kits frequently show up on eBay or in other on-line auctions or at swap meets, and remain popular with scale model builders and 2-rail operators.

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