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Newbraugh Brothers Toy Trains/Pleasant Valley Process Co.

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Newbraugh Brothers Custom Decorated KMT 'O' gauge 'All America Loves a Train' Box Car made 1991 Newbraugh Brothers Toys (NBT) designed, printed, and distributed custom decorated model train cars for over 25 years. John Newbraugh started Newbraugh Brothers Toys with his brother Dan in the early 1970's. The brothers started out customizing trains for their own hobby and enjoyment. Requests for some of their specially made cars led to the formation of Newbraugh Brothers Toys and mass production for some of their products. This was completed with the help of another brother, Tom, who served as the firm's lawyer. To round out this family based operation Ken and Troy Newbraugh also helped in the toy business. In 1978 Newbraugh Brothers teamed with Seymour Knight and his Pleasant Valley Process Company of Cogan Station, PA who pad-printed and silk screened a variety of custom decorated theme train cars for special orders and for distribution through Dulaney Enterprises in the 1980's and then through Mountaineer Hobbies in the 1990's. The office address for this company partnership became 114 Morgan St., in Berkeley Springs, West VA. Newbraugh sometimes used the name John R. Blubaugh on NBT rolling stock. John Newbraugh is perhaps best known today, to TCA members, as the author of Train Collectors Quarterly magazine's 'Who Done It' column.

Newbraugh Brothers Toys 'O' gauge Hy-Vee Food Stores 60th Anniversary box car Initially their decorated cars were primarily sold at the TCA, York, PA train meets, but through the distributing efforts of Dulaney Enterprises Darley Design, and Mountaineer Hobbies, their custom decorated cars were sold nationally to many civic groups, train clubs, and private companies who promoted their business or service through a decorated train car. Many of the train clubs who utilized the services of NBT were TCA, LOTS, TTOS, and a few other nationally known clubs. NBT primarily utilized Kris Model Trains (KMT), Marx, Rivarossi (AHM) and Lionel Trains Inc./Fundimesnsions cars as their canvassas or as blanks for redecorating or embellishment. Some NBT rolling stock was also derived from Frank's Roundhouse production, David O. King and Williams blanks. All custom decorated pieces were clearly stamped on the base of the item specifying the name of the original product and stating that the item had been redecorated with additional markings by NBT/PVP. Sometimes the letters PVP or NBT were cast into the tiny board to the right of the ladder on one end of the box car. In addition, NBT decorated products for various train manufacturers, such as Red Forney Trains, Bowser Manufacturing, Roberts Lines, and Kris Model Trains.

Newbraugh Brothers Toys custom decorated Kris/KMT 1976 Berkeley Springs, W. Va. Town of Bath Bicentennial 'O' gauge Box Car Newbraugh Brothers Toys Custom Decorated Kris/KMT 'O' gauge Town of Bath Bicentennial 1977 box car

The first car produced was a KMT 'O' scale custom decorated box car 'Town of Bath' to celebrate the 200th Birthday of Berkeley Srings, West Virginia. The town's official name was Town of Bath. The NBT car first made in 1974 was extremely rare and a very limited production run of only 100 cars was done. The car was designed and distributed by Newbraugh Brothers Toys, which coincidently was located in Berkeley Springs, WV. This was a custom silk-screened car designed by John S. Newbraugh in yellow with blue lettering. A 2nd series of cars in blue with yellow lettering printed for the Town of Bath, Bicentennial was issued by Newbraugh again in 1976. This too was a KMT car. These cars were so popular that there were a total of 4 separate runs of 100 cars over the years, each in different color schemes. The town of Berkeley Springs was of great significance to John Newbraugh as this was his home town.

Newbraugh Brothers Redecorated McCoy Standard gauge 2-dome Tank Cars
McCoy Standard gauge New York Central & HRRR 2 Dome TCA Tank Car 1983 repainted by Newbraugh Brothers McCoy Standard Gauge #85119 Nickel Plate Road 2-Dome TCA Tank Car repainted by Newbraugh Brothers McCoy Standard gauge Rio Grande 2-Dome Tank Car repainted by Newbraugh Brothers McCoy Standard gauge 2-dome #1000-77 Strasburg Water tank car repainted by Newbraugh Brothers for the 1983 Convention

In 1977 the Toy Train Collectors Association (TCA) ordered a large volume of Standard gauge 2-dome tank cars from McCoy for the Lone Star Division hosted Houston Convention. The TCA expected their members to purchase them as souvenir cars. Unfortunately they were left with many that did not sell. The TCA subsequently had Newbraugh Brothers Toys repaint 250 of the un-sold tank cars in different road names so they could move the unused inventory. This created 4 different very attractive McCoy tank cars that McCoy never made - the NYC & HR RR 2-dome, the Nickel Plate Road 2-dome, the Denver & Rio Grande 2-dome, and the Strasburg RR Water tanker.

Newbraugh Brothers Toy Train Museum Redecorated Lionel 'O' gauge Voltamp TTM-7784 TCA Museum Box Car Newbraugh Brothers Toys S gauge American Flyer TTM-7782 1982 TCA National Toy Train Museum box car Starting in 1980 Newbraugh Brothers issued a series of 7 TCA Toy Train Museum 'O' gauge box cars and 3 'S' gauge cars. These included the TCA Special Edition Hafner Trains Silver 'O' gauge box car for the TCA Toy Train Museum in Strasburg, PA. This was a Lionel 9700 series product redecorated or with additional markings by Newbraugh Brothers Toys and Pleasant Valley Process Co. and was a limited edition special model made available for TCA members. Other 'O' gauge cars in the series were redecorated Lionel or Kris Model Trains (KMT) box cars and included those commemorating the Toy Train Museum (1980), Carlisle & Finch Trains (1982), Ives Trains (1983), Voltamp Trains (1984), Hoge Trains (1985), and Dorfan Trains (1986). These cars were offered by the museum for $20.95. The S gauge offerings were made from redecorated American Flyer box cars and consisted of the TTM-7781 (1981) Toy Train Museum red car with white door, TTM-7782 (1982) Toy Train Museum silver car with blue door and TTM-7783 (1983) World's Greatest Show yellow car with red door.

Newbraugh Brothers National Toy Train Museum Redecorated 'O' gauge Box Cars 1980 - 86
Newbraugh Brothers Toy Train Museum Redecorated Lionel 'O' gauge Box Car from 1980 TTM-7780 Newbraugh Brothers Redecorated Lionel 'O' gauge Hafner Trains TTM-7781 TCA Museum Box car Newbraugh Brothers Redecorated Lionel 'O' gauge Carlisle & Finch Co. Trains TTM-7782 TCA Museum Box car Newbraugh Brothers Redecorated Lionel 'O' gauge Ives Toys TTM-7783 TCA Museum Box car made 1983 Newbraugh Brothers Redecorated Lionel 'O' gauge Hoge Toys TTM-7785 Toy Train Museum Box car Newbraugh Brothers Redecorated Kris/KMT 'O' gauge Dorfan Co. Trains TTM-7786 TCA Toy Train Museum box car

Newbraugh Brothers Redecorated Lionel 'O' gauge TCA 1979 Mortgage Burning Hi-cube Box Car NBT/PVP decorated several custom limited edition cars for the Train Collectors Association. These included annual convention cars, convention banquet table prizes and special awards for recognizing the efforts of individual members/contributors. Additionally Newbraugh Brothers decorated the very limited edition 200 Fifth Avenue car that was issued commemorating the plaque that was placed in the Toy Fair Center in NYC by the Train Collectors Association in 1981. Only 12 of these cars were produced. Another famous item created for the TCA by NBT/PVP was the TCA Headquarters and Museum Mortgage Burning Box car in 1979. These were created from several hundred surplus TCA NETCA Division 1978 Convention Lionel Hi-cube Box cars.

Newbraugh Brothers Toys redecorated Lionel Higgins & Sheer 10th Anniversary 1972-1982 Warehouse Of Trains Pougkeepsie, NY 'O' gauge Box Car Newbraugh Brothers Toys redecorated Kris/KMT Choo-Choo Barn 'O' gauge Box Car

Newbraugh Brothers Redecorated Lionel 'O' gauge 1981 LOTS E. Kahn's Sons Co. Brine Tank reefer In 1981 a LOTS E. Kahns Sons Co. Brine Tank Reefer with red roof was issued for the 2nd Convention that was made by Lionel but completely redecorated for the 2nd Annual Lionel Operating Train Society (LOTS) Convention in Cincinnati, OH by Newbraugh Brothers Toys and the work was done by Seymour Knight of Pleasant Valley Process Co. of Pennsylvania. According to LOTS records only 124 of the Red Roof versions were made while 176 were made with brown roof and ends.

Newbraugh Brothers Toys/Pleasent Valley Process Custom Decorated Lionel #79-0002 Donaldson Box Car 1979 Seymour Knight of PVP did all the decorating for NBT. His Pleasant Valley Process Company of Cogan Station, PA painted or overstamped the cars manufactured by Lionel and other producers for the many small businesses and train clubs. From 1981 to 1987 he overstamped or re-decorated the Lionel Operating Train Society (LOTS) Annual Convention commemorative cars. The cars from these years (except the 1986 Seattle meet car), have special notations either silk-screened on the side or on the underside of the car. "BLT PVP X-XX" designated the month and year of production. Another notation of the form "NBT XXX-XXXX" was intended to describe the type of item, the source, and the sequencing of the car within the PVP/NBT operation. The first digit showed the type of car (e.g. 3=gondolas & hoppers; 5=box cars; 6=reefers, etc). The next two numbers were a code for who produced the original piece and how it was changed: (e.g. 05='O' gauge item made by Lionel fully redecorated by PVP; 06='O' gauge item made by Lionel with additional markings by PVP). The last four numbers designated the sequence in which the cars were made by NBT. The first car was numbered '1001'. The LOTS 1981 reefer was the 160th car redecorated by PVP/NBT and so bears the number '1160'. The markings on the rare Michigan Central box car from 1992 read '505-1204'. These markings appear on the 1981 thru 1987 editions of LOTS Convention sets.

Newbraugh Brothers Toys 'O' gauge 3-Mile Island Set
Newbraugh Brothers Toys 'O' gauge 3-mile Island Work Caboose Newbraugh Brothers Toys 'O' gauge Mother Natures Fuel coal hopper Newbraugh Brothers Toys 'O' gauge 3-mile Island Searchlight car
Newbraugh Brothers Toys 'O' gauge 3-mile Island White Tank car Newbraugh Brothers Toys 'O' gauge 3-mile Island red tank car Newbraugh Brothers Toys 'O' gauge 3-mile Island EMD Diesel Locomotive

Newbraugh Brothers 3-mile Island Radio Active Material Transport 'O' gauge box car In 1979 after the infamous leak at the 3-mile Island nuclear power plant in PA, Newbraugh Brothers issued their 3-mile Island Box cars in N, HO, O gauge and Standard gauge. The Standard gauge 3-mile Island box car was a redecorated Red Forney box car. The artwork was designed and printed by Seymour N. Knight and the cars were distributed by Newbraugh Brothers Toys (NBT). The 'O' gauge source was a repainted Lionel Trains Inc. 9400 series box car with a 9700 series end plate. These cars were custom made for the TCA Atlantic Division for their November 1979 quarterly meeting held at Westover Country Club. NBT used Pleasant Valley Process to do the screen printing. NBT in partnership with Pleasant Valley Printing produced a boxed 3-Mile Island 'O' gauge train set of its own containing a locomotive, box car, tank cars, searchlight car and caboose using redecorated Lionel stock. NBT/PVP produced 20 different toy train cars carrying TMI logos. Except for the 'O' gauge boxcar, quantities of each were one hundred or less. Another NBT/PVP TMI product was a coal hopper marked with the legend, Mother Nature's Fuel - Coal and a circular seal containing the words, Atomic Energy Poison encircling the cartoon face of Mr. Yuk.

Newbraugh Brothers Redecorated Lionel 'O' gauge TCA Pittsburg 30th Convention Heinz Ketchup box car 1984 In 1984 the Train Collectors Association (TCA), Fort Pitt Division commissioned Newbraugh Brothers Toys and Pleasant Valley Process, Company to decorate 216 Lionel 'O' gauge 9700 series Heinz Ketchup box cars to commemorate the 30th annual TCA Convention held in Pittsburgh. These cars were designed for use as table prizes at the 30th Convention Banquet. Cars not needed for the banquet were used as a token of appreciation to the Convention Committee members for the long effort and hard work in putting on the Convention. One of these box cars was placed in the Heinz Advertising archives.

Newbraugh Brothers Toys Custom Decorated 'O' gauge Box Cars Produced For The TCA
Newbraugh Brothers Toys Redecorated 'O' gauge Frank's Roundhouse for TCA Great Lakes Division, 25th Anniversary box car Newbraugh Brothers Toys Redecorated Lionel 'O' gauge TCA 29th Annual Convention Box Car Louisville, KY 1983 132 made Newbraugh Brothers Toys Redecorated 'O' gauge Frank's Roundhouse 'Valley Forge by George', Atlantic Division 1989 TCA  Convention banquet box car Newbraugh Brothers Toys Redecorated 'O' gauge Frank's Roundhouse Dixie Division Atlanta, GA 1990 TCA Convention banquet box car

Newbraugh Brothers Toys 'O' gauge 'Come See The Circus' refrigerator car NBT also partnered with Mountaineer Hobbies of WV on a set of Town N' Country Blinking Billboards - the 'Welcome to Pennsylvania', 'Maryland Welcomes You', 'Welcome to Virgina" and the 'Welcome to West Virginia' were also available as cardboard inserts that would fit into Lionel's #310 plastic billboard accessory. At one point in its history John Newbraugh and his partner Seymour Knight purchased the rights and name for Hoge Manufacturing Co.. The Hoge Company had laid dormant for almost forty years until it was purchased on March 19, 1981 by Newbraugh Brothers Toys, Inc. of Berkeley Springs, WV. Newbraugh Brothers purchased the Hoge name, trademark, and rights to make and manufacture Hoge Toys. At the time of purchase however there was no tooling and no trains were ever actually ever produced. Newbraugh and Knight had also previously acquired the patterns for the 'O' scale freight line of Ed Alexander's American Model RR Company in 1980 with hopes of producing complete train sets using the freight car designs paired with Hoge patterned engines and electrical systems. But the project never got very far because NBT/PVP was too busy decorating products for their customers.

Newbraugh Brothers Toys Eye + M + A + Locomotive + Walnut = 'I Am A Train Nut' 'O' gauge refrigerator car Newbraugh Brothers Toys ABC Express Welcome Aboard 'O' gauge single door box car 300 produced in 1985 Newbraugh Brothers Toys custom decorated Kris/KMT 'O' gauge Seasons Greeting 1991 & Happy New Year 1992 Box Car #523-1521 Newbraugh Brothers Toys/Pleasant Valley Process 'O' gauge Redecorated Lionel 1982 Buffalo Creek Flour Buffalo NY Sesquicentennial box car Newbraugh Brothers Toys/Pleasant Valley Process 'O' gauge Merry Christmas 1990 Box Car decorated in conjunction with Dulaney Enterprises and distributed by Mountaineer Hobbies Newbraugh Brothers Toys/Pleasant Valley Process 'O' gauge Baltimore & Ohio Time Saver Box Car decorated with Graffiti

Pleasant Valley Process Co. - Seymour Knight Custom Decorated Cars
PVP Seymour Knight custom decorated Lionel 'O' gauge Buffalo Creek Graphics 30th Anniversary box car less than 50 of these cars were made PVP Seymour Knight custom decorated Lionel 'O' gauge TCA/NTTM 50th Golden Anniversary Limted Edition box car Pleasant Valley Process PVP Seymour Knight Silk Screened 1 of a kind 'O' gauge New York City Transit System BMT Lines box car Pleasant Valley Process PVP Seymour Knight Custom Decorated Lionel 'O' gauge #6-52289 TCA York Silver Anniversary Display Car

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